(or what social media has done to our ambition)

I believe I can speak for a majority of 20-somethings when I say this: we have no idea what the hell they want to do with our lives.

This idea is not unique to our generation (I hesitate to refer to this as a ‘problem’ because, well, it isn't.) but has a certain amplification due to our social media presence and consumption.

The constant projection of other people's lives into our subconscious has made us think more about what we could be, rather than what we should be and more importantly…

Our relationship with objects of “value” | spoilers for ‘Uncut Gems’

Uncut Gems’ is the story of Howard, a gambling addict and jewelry store owner who’s stuck in a vicious cycle of pawn, sell, gamble, pawn, sell; in an attempt to repay his debts. The film focuses on just a few days of his life but broadcasts a deeper message about materialism and its impacts on our lives.

Uncut Direction

The Safdie Brothers throw the audience into their high-octane world from the opening shot and never let up. The camerawork is claustrophobic and personal; abrasively intruding personal space. …

A look into a microcosm of repression.

Driving can be very meditative. The long roads, the simple task, the quiet; all compound to create a space that allows for clear and retrospective thought.

Locke is about Ivan; a construction site project manager who is driving to north London to meet his mistress in the hospital; where she will be giving birth to his son. All the while, Ivan is taking back to back (to back) phone calls from:

  • Ivan’s co-worker who is now responsible for “the largest concrete pour in European history” given Ivan’s absence
  • Ivan’s wife, who has just recently discovered his infidelity
  • Ivan’s son who…

Tristan Ferrell

an avid people watcher

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